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"It's not the technology that sets you apart,
it's the way you use it"

Jeroen Hommes

Co-Founder Enshore

Why we do what we do

Investing in business applications is often complex and time-consuming. That is why we ensure your business IT is accessible and secure.

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Amazing consultants

Business technology adoption is lagging behind in many organisations. The problems this creates are often easier to solve than thought. We want to show what the right application of technology can do in your organisation. We teach our consultants to leverage their business knowledge through technology. We ensure that:

  • Business processes are better organised and staff learn to work more efficiently.
  • New functionalities are built and tested continuously.
  • Cyber security is no longer an issue.

These are examples of opportunities you can exploit if you use your technology properly. Our team is trained to help. With our consultants, developers and IT auditors, we ensure your business technology is functional and secure.

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Enshore kernwaarden

Enshore was founded in 2009 to increase digital adoption. Through ERP support, we improve business processes and educate users. Due to the increasing need for technical expertise, our development team quickly grew into an independent business that helps companies with the (continued) development of business applications. The expansion with Nestor Security in 2019 means that we now help our customers to keep their entire IT landscape functional and secure. Our goal is to let companies experience secure and useful technology, tailored to their business.

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