We are Enshore, a dynamic business and technology company. Business processes are at the heart of everything we do. It drives the solutions we create and the services we provide.

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"I want to make using business applications as easy as using a smartphone"

Jeroen Hommes

Mede-oprichter Enshore

Enshore is opgericht in 2009 en wordt gerund door bedrijfskundige professionals die zien dat bedrijven en instanties behoefte hebben aan een ander soort dienstverlening. Een dienstverlening waarbij de belangen van de klant zoveel mogelijk overeenkomen met de belangen van de leverancier. Dit doen wij door resultaten te leveren in plaats van uren. Dat hier vraag naar is, bewijzen wij doordat we meer dan 30 tevreden klanten met circa 50 Enshorianen bedienen en doordat we nog steeds autonoom groeien.

We work with professionals with very diverse profiles. We have colleagues with a banking background, but also colleagues from the healthcare sector. We always work with a passion for business processes and see opportunities where others give up. In addition, we like to apply advanced technology. 

What we stand for

We work with the following core values:

From the start of our company we often work remotely. We give back the benefits that this entails to our customers.

Our office is the place where we meet and where ideas are born. Here we offer space to learn from each other on a business- and personal level. The knowledge of the consultants comes together at our office. We invest at least 15% of our annual turnover in training and innovation, so that our colleagues can continue to grow. Within the innovation projects, we also make use of the knowledge and ideas that students bring with them. For example, we regularly have graduation and internship programs for universities.

Why we do what we do

You cannot be the best at everything. We have chosen to be the best in the adoption of digital business processes. 

Many organizations have implemented technology solutions for their finance and ERP processes, but what happens after implementing these solutions?  We believe that technology must be accepted, managed and optimized to make the most out of it. The smartest and best technology in the world makes no difference if the people behind the systems do not know what it can do, do not use it or are not motivated to use it. Employees have different needs, but frustration and fear of the unknown are the biggest threat to progress.

For this reason Enshore focuses on the digital adoption of business processes. We are trained to work with people. For us, there is no question too big or too small when the goal is to let employees benefit from the possibilities of the future.

We believe this makes us the ideal partner to ensure that digital investments not only benefit the workforce, but also contribute to the success of the organization. As soon as we take steps in this, we see a focus on the things that really make the difference. Goals are achieved and a feeling of freedom prevails. With this we really make an impact within an organization and that is our highest goal. 

Our team consists of professionals who have been selected and trained on the following skills: Talent, Ownership and Passion. This results in low staff turnover and very high customer satisfaction. , . 

Knowledge Price andrisk-management Innovation Continuity Alwaysavailable

The core of Enshore

Knowledge, innovation, price and risk management, accessibility and continuity are key to our services.

Knowledge Price andrisk-management Innovation Continuity Alwaysavailable

By helping multiple organizations from our shared service center, Enshore is able to bundle knowledge and capacity and let organizations take full advantage of our knowledge and flexible capacity. With this, Enshore is able to bind high-potentials. The consultants of Enshore keep their knowledge continuously up to date by following training and education in the field of business processes and business applications.

We don't think in (terms of) hours, but in (terms of) results. Every day we strive to offer more quality for less.

Repetitive tasks are automated or made available through self-service facilities. We primarily invest in knowledge, people and resources to support business processes.

Costs for expensive offices, leasing cars, management and sales are kept to a minimum.

Enshore enables its employees to make the most out of the available options. For our customers and employees, business as usual equals a missed opportunity. Yes we can.

Our shared service center is located in the north of the Netherlands (Groningen). Here we have multilingual, well-trained high potentials with a strong can-do mentality. The turnover of employees is very low, because of the unique challenges and freedom that Enshore offers. We also have all the necessary facilities at a good price-quality ratio.

Enshore offers 24/7 support in the Dutch and English language.

The end-users will not experience any disruptions in their procedures, because of the high sense of responsibility of our consultants. We are only satisfied when our customer sees our consultant as a colleague.

With one central point of contact, the customer has access to the entire shared service center, for both innovation and continuity issues.

If necessary, Enshore makes use of partners for specialistic business application knowledge.

Enshore works with several communication tools to be able to work fully online with the customers. This makes the progress of the work transparent and accessible at any time.

With the communication tools that Enshore makes available, a customer can work fully online with.