We can ensure that your cloud applications are automatically tested and that issues are resolved in association with your cloud supplier immediately.

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Testing of cloud applications

Cloud applications have more and more quarterly updates instead of traditional upgrades or bug fixes. These updates can be used immediately, as the application has been tested by the cloud supplier. What the cloud supplier does not take into account, are the unique setup and integration interfaces of your organization. Practice shows that these do need to be tested thoroughly, since basic principles can change in every update, which can cause disruptions in your business processes.

Minimize the risk of disruptions

We can ensure that your cloud applications are tested automatically and that any issues are resolved immediately together with your cloud supplier. The risk of disruptions is minimized and the latest versions can be used. It works like this:

  • Enshore develops and maintains your own unique regression test.
  • Enshore ensures that the tests are run within your update cycle.
  • Any issues are intercepted, assessed and resolved by Enshore.
  • Updates are ready to use.


  • Your employees will not need to do testing activities.
  • Testing automatically will save time that would normally be spent on manual testing.
  • Fast and early feedback prevents bugs from being sent to production.
  • The automatic tests follow the same test script every time and save the results.
  • You can run the tests as often as you want. You pay a fixed amount per month.
  • Issues are resolved immediately.
  • You have the unlimited possibility to add modules and applications.
  • The tests are carried out completely in line with the release cycle.
  • You are completely up to date with the latest version(s).