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Why digital adoption?

The smartest and best technology in the world make no impact, if the people behind the systems do not know what it can do, do not use it or are not motivated to use it. Employees all have different needs, but the biggest threat to progress is frustration and fear of the unknown.

For this reason, Enshore fully focuses on digital adoption of business processes. We are trained to work with people. There is no question too big or too small when the main goal is to have employees take full advantage of everything that the future has to offer.

We ensure that digital investments not only benefit your employees, but also contribute to the success of the organization.

How to achieve digital adoption?

Organizations are facing the following options:


  • Risk of staff turnover and outdated knowledge.
  • Problems with long-term binding of high potentials.
  • Knowledge and continuity are not quickly available to take steps. Changes are taking too much time and the full potential of business processes remains unused.


  • Unnecessarily high costs and low involvement.
  • Problems to keep high potentials for a longer time and to remain innovative.

(Shared Service Center)

  • With approximately 50 Enshorians we have been working for more than 30 satisfied customers.
  • Over the past ten years we have invested a lot of time and resources in our professional managed service organization.
  • The quality of our service organization is subject to various audits every year. In 2021 Enshore will receive its ISAE-3402 statement.
  • You will have a fully multidisciplinary team at your disposal, but you only pay for the capacity you use. With this, you will always have smart professionals and the latest techniques within reach.

Start with digital adoption?

Our specialists are experts in Finance and ERP processes.  We help your employees with training, support and optimization, to make the digital transformation promise come true.

Enshore'sonboardingcan be compared to the process of changing accountancy firms. The Enshore specialists go through the following steps in one month:

1.Deel uw wens

2.Bespreek met een sr. consultant

3.Ontdek hoe Enshore kan helpen

4.Realiseer uw doelen

5.Focus op uw volgende wens

“Several companies have IT knowledge. Business process knowledge and good service make Enshore unique.”

The different options

We can assist you in these several ways from our shared service center: