We support Gasterra in the use of their digital business processes.

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“GasTerra is a gas wholesaler. We buy gas from domestic and foreign products and from the open gas market. Our clients are energy companies and other large customers. GasTerra's business processes are largely dependent on a good IT infrastructure and good applications. GasTerra makes use of external IT professionals for the management of IT- applications. W e prefer to use regional players with whom we can switch quickly and who supply professionals with the right knowledge. Enshore is one of the parties that GasTerra uses.” Says Martijn Vegter, ICT Operations Manager at Gasterra.


For several years we have been supporting Gasterra in the use of their digital business processes. In the past years, we have been able to ensure that the number of incidents are significantly reduced and the business processes are optimized and digitized.


Martijn Vegter: “The collaboration with Enshore is running smoothly. We are in regular contact with each other to see if everything is going according to plan and if there is space to discuss other options in the service. Enshore supplies flexible professionals with good knowledge of the business. This means that high-quality work is delivered and the professionals can be deployed within the scrum teams at GasTerra.”