By offering continuity and providing training and information to the employees of Stolt-Nielsen, we have ensured that there are 30% fewer disruptions and uncertainties.

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Stolt-Nielsen Limited (SNL) is a global provider of integrated transportation solutions for liquid chemicals, vegetable oils, acids and other specialty liquids . The organization Stolt-Nielsen Limited includes six "business units". Three of them are represented in the Netherlands. Stolt Tankers in Rotterdam, Stolthaven Terminals in Rotterdam and Moerdijk and Stolt Tank Containers in Rotterdam and Botlek.

30% less disruptions and uncertainties

For Stolt-Nielsen we have been supporting approximately 5000 employees for three years in the use of their digital business processes. Previously, Stolt-Nielsen used outsourced services, but they couldn’t realise the cost savings they had in mind. The number of disruptions was high and the level of knowledge was not stable due to high staff turnover. We have been able to ensure that less communication was needed to achieve the same goal. By offering continuity and providing training and information to the employees of Stolt-Nielsen, we have ensured that there are 30% fewer disruptions and uncertainties. In addition to the daily support, we also provide optimisations in business processes.

Power BI

At Stolt-Nielsen we help with the transition from standard legacy reporting to the modern Microsoft Power BI platform. The Microsoft Azure (cloud) stack is used for this. The focus is on the extraction, transformation and processing (ETL) of raw data into structured management and operational data. In addition, the cost aspect is also taken into account, by merging historical data and loading only the most recent data into the memory. We also recently built in a dynamic currency conversion, which makes it possible to display amounts in the currency to be reported.

Updates and upgrades

An upgrade that we recently performed for Stolt-Nielsen was a transition to the latest version of Oracle EBS. The entire technical base was replaced, the user interface was renewed and new possibilities were realized through the upgrade.

Implementation collections process

Stolt-Nielsen asked us to take a closer look at their collection process. When customers are in arrears, a streamlined and transparent process is important. This not only reduces the outstanding balance, but also maintains a good relationship with the customer through clear and unambiguous communication. But what is the best way to deal with different customers from different countries? Which customers need customization and through which channels will they be contracted? How can it integrate seamlessly with the regular debtor administration? By working closely together in a scrum project, we were able to form a good picture of this together with our client.

We have now set up Oracle Advanced Collections for several locations. This has ensured that customers are now automatically and periodically informed of the overdue balance. Dispute invoices and payment commitments are recorded in the system and monitored and processed by means of tasks. Due to the uniform and professional way of correspondence (in several languages), customers now pay earlier and are better informed about the situation. In addition, the prioritization within Oracle Advanced Collections gives the practitioners a better idea of which customers need attention. And, last but not least, the outstanding balance was reduced by 50% a few months after the project was completed.