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Welcome to Enshore Security

Nowadays, more and more business processes are being digitized. Digitization provides a multitude of additional options and functionality. At the same time, the risks also frequently increase. With one mouse click hackers are at your digital front door from the other side of the world. Legislative and regulatory obligations are also becoming stricter in order to deal with them better. Recognizing the risks and taking appropriate measures is not an easy task. Sufficient measures are needed to mitigate threats, but the measures must also not hinder day-to-day operations. A risk-oriented approach is essential.

As a senior partner and founder of Enshore Security, it is my personal mission to make and keep organizations safer. Enshore Security focuses on implementing a risk-oriented approach for organizations to keep moving in a more complex environment.

As an IT and ISO auditor I have been able to assess many organizations on their effectiveness in security. I often see too less focus on simplicity, a clear approach and quality.

Based on this vision, we guide and train our security professionals within Enshore Security. We ensure sufficient attention for all aspects of security.

Enshore Security makes this knowledge and experience available through our security officers. With our team we offer a powerful solution for improving the security maturity level of your organization.

Marcel Dusink,
Senior partner Enshore Security

Wat bieden wij? 

Onder IT-security hebben wij verschillende vlakken waarbij wij u hulp bij kunnen aanbieden.

Webinar: “Ask an auditor, ask a hacker”

Datum: Oktober 2021
Sprekers: Marcel Dusink  (IT-auditor) en
Erwin Rutgers (Pentester)

Hoe kunt u zich het beste voorbereiden op een IT-audit? Marcel Dusink (IT-auditor) en Erwin Rutgers (pentester) nemen u mee in de wereld van IT-security en -auditing. 

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