On demand Pentest

Achterhaal en repareer risico’s en kwetsbaarheden in uw systeem

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Penetrationtest (pentest)

In a world where large-scale cyber attacks are the order of the day, it is essential to test your infrastructure and (web) applications for vulnerabilities. By performing a pen test, any security holes can be identified and closed.

Legislation and regulations strongly emphasize the importance of regular pentests. An annual pentest is a requirement for almost all information security certifications.

Enshore Security is specialized in performing pentests. These lead to independent reports that can be used, for example, as underlying reports in audits and assessments. One can think of a pentest for:

  • ISO27001 / NEN 7510 
  • DigiD
  • BIO
  • ISAE 3000 / ISAE 3402
  • SOC 1, SOC2 of SOC3

For more information, take a look at the website Penetratietest.io, the part of our Shared Service Center where we take a closer look at the services related to pen testing and certification.

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