On demand Automated Tests

Time savings and continuity through automated testing.

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No unnecessary surprises

When releasing (quarterly) updates, your enterprise technology (ERP and Finance) supplier does not take into account the unique setup and integration interfaces of your organization. To prevent disruptions in your business processes, it is necessary to thoroughly test the execution of such updates. Enshore tests are automated and any issues are immediately identified and resolved.  

The benefits

  • Your employees will not need to do testing activities.
  • Automating your tests saves time
  • Fast and early feedback prevents bugs from being sent to production.
  • Human errors no longer occur. 
  • You can run the tests as often as you want. You pay a fixed fee per month.
  • Issues are resolved immediately.
  • You have the unlimited possibility to add modules and applications.
  • The tests are carried out completely in line with the release cycle.
  • You are completely up to date with the latest version(s).

This is how it works: 

  • Enshore develops and maintains your own unique regression test.
  • Enshore ensures that the tests are run within your update cycle.
  • Any issues are intercepted, assessed and resolved by Enshore.
  • Updates are ready to use.

Would you like to experience how it works?

Om geautomatiseerd te testen maken wij gebruik van de Enshore Testautomation-tool. In de demo-omgeving van de Testautomation-tool kunt u ervaren hoe de tool fouten opspoort. Er wordt in de demo-omgeving een systeemupdate gesimuleerd. Er zal eerst een test gedraaid worden op de omgeving vóór een systeemupdate, waarna de testautomation-tool het resultaat zal aangeven. Vervolgens draait de test op de omgeving ná een systeemupdate. De testautomation-tool zal aangeven waar de incidenten zich voordoen.

Start demo

In this demo we have used an invoicing system . The steps you go through:

  1. Fill in the blanks in the invoicing system below. (note: you do not have to fill in all fields for the simulation)
  2. Push the red button 'Start test’.
  3. The Testautomation tool will check all fields.

Invoice header with free text




Invoice lines

Description Main account VAT group VAT group for item Quantity Unit price Amount