Process Optimization

Process Optimization: from speeding up processes to reducing errors

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From dream to production

In process optimization it is important to look at the way of optimizing. Your underlying request has a major influence on this. For example, you wish that fewer errors occur in a process or that the process is executed faster. If possible, a process is optimized on several levels.

Benefit 1

Within our services, we can completely take over the processes with our high performance teams. This can best be compared with a good contractor who delivers your home turnkey with a team of attuned professionals.

Benefit 2 

You will have a fully multidisciplinary team at your disposal, but you only pay for the capacity you use. This way you will always have smart professionals and the latest techniques within reach. 


Benefit 3 

Our teams are a healthy mix of business and technical knowledge. The business consultant in the team is your direct contact, with whom you build a relationship that is comparable to that with a direct colleague. 

Some examples of optimizations: 

  • Optimizing debt collection processes
  • Reducing from drop-in purchasing processes
  • Automating month-end closing processes
  • The realization of dashboards with steering information
  • Lead time of processes
  • Automate repetitive work
  • Eliminating unnecessary actionshandeling

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

A commonly used optimization technique is RoboticProcessAutomation (RPA). Business processes can be automated by using RPA. In many cases, this makes for both a faster and more accurate process. Examples of processes to be automated are retrieving price information from various websites, creating invoices in an accounting system based on Excel or automatically handling certain steps in the return process of goods. RoboticProcess Automation (RPA). Door gebruik te maken van RPA kunnen bedrijfsprocessen worden geautomatiseerd. In veel gevallen zorgt dit voor zowel een sneller als nauwkeuriger proces. Voorbeelden van te automatiseren processen zijn het ophalen van prijsinformatie uit verschillende websites, facturen in een boekhoudsysteem aanmaken op basis van Excel of bepaalde stappen in het retourproces van goederen automatisch afhandelen.  

Coding & integration

Not all optimizations can be realized with existing technology. In that case, Enshore realizes your requests by creating a solution that seamlessly connects to your cloud-based standard solution and the rest of your application landscape. In doing so, we maintain a flexible architecture so that further automation can be continued continuously, regardless of the scope of the cloud solution. 

Voordelen van onze maatoplossingen: 

Benefit 1

Our solutions are independent of system and device. This makes them usable anywhere and interchangeable between systems.

Benefit 2

Our solutions are fully compliant with existing architecture requirements and standards. As a result, it does not matter whether the cloud-based standard solution undergoes an upgrade/update.

Benefit 3

Because of our specialized knowledge of ERP systems, no time has to be wasted on bringing us up to speed in long conversations. Our consultant can work immediately on the realization of the requested functionality. Quit often, we already have the key components which helps us shorten the time to market. 

Benefit 4

Our experienced consultants make it possible for the systems within your organization to communicate seamlessly with each other and ensure that all actors have the correct secure access. 

Examples of projects

  • Business travel web applications 
  • Purchasing portals
  • Vaccination web applications
  • Master data management applications 
  • Rental web applications
  • An application to mask data according to GDPR guidelines
  • Collaboration platforms 
  • Smart search engines 
  • Chatbots 
  • The integration of barcode scanners 
  • The integration of a ticket system and a cloud ERP system
  • The coupling of temperature sensors with a web application

Dashboards and reports

Making your data transparent in dashboards and reports makes it easier to make decisions. Our certified Business Intelligence Support team supports the development of reporting and dashboard solutions through Microsoft Power BI. The team is trained to think outside the box and proactively advise your management team.

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