Train your employees to work efficiently and innovatively with enterprise technology (ERP and Finance).

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Train your staff

Do you use the full potential of your enterprise technology (ERP and Finance)? Do your business processes always run as planned? If the answer is no, Enshore can train your staff to use your business technology according to professional standards.

Even the most advanced technology is worthless if the users don't know how to use it. This makes it essential for organizations to train their staff. If your employees are not trained well, this can lead to various adverse effects, such as:

  • Cumbersome (time-consuming) business processes
  • Unnecessary manual actions
  • Wrong proceedings
  • Low grade capturing information
  • Security risks as a result of incorrect design
  • A low degree of independence

By training your staff, you avoid unnecessary errors and you are assured of professional further development of your business processes.

Enterprise technologies

Enshore offers training for the following technologies: AFAS, Oracle EBS and Microsoft Dynamics 365.  

oracle EBS