Microsoft Power BI

Enshore helps you to adjust the BI environment to your requirements and to get the most out of your data.

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Do you work with Microsoft Power BI?

Enshore is sinds 2012 actief op het gebied van BI (Business Intelligence) Support. Enshore helpt u met de BI-omgeving af te stellen op de door u gestelde eisen en het optimale uit uw data te halen. Voor diverse organisaties verzorgt Enshore zowel op nationaal als internationaal niveau het support van reporting- en dashboardsoftware. Wij zijn gecertificeerd Microsoft Power BI-partner. Deze tool zorgt voor unieke inzichten in de bestaande processen die door middel van dashboards en rapportages kunnen worden weergegeven. 

Increase insights

The team is trained in thinking outside the box and advising user organizations. An important part of the work is aimed at improving insight from available data and at continuously fine-tuning the data and the need for information. Our BI Support team offers support in several fields. You get access to a multidisciplinary team and will only pay for the capacity you need. This way you will always have access to consultants that have experience with your business and the latest techniques.

Waar wij voor zorgen

Benefit 1

You have an ad hoc team of highly qualified BI consultants.

Benefit 2

The same contact person who helps your organization .

Benefit 3

You can improve and continue to develop the functionality in your existing dashboards and reports.


Our BI support team supports organizations in the improvement of diverse report and dashboard solutions. You could think of dashboards in the field of financial management, operational management, flight data, chat operators, VOIP, financial reporting and logistical reporting.

How do we work? 

We offer our services in the form of Use it, Control it en Optimize it voor Microsoft Power BI.

Use it

Full control over your business processes. For a fixed monthly fee, Enshore offers training, 24/7 coaching & support and Active Incident Reduction and 25% less disruptions.

Control it

Is your enterprise technology always secured and up-to-date? With the Enshore continuity plan, we take this completely off your hands. From application updates to legislative changes, all external changes are tested and adjustments are made where necessary.

Optimize it

Get the most out of your enterprise technology. Together we bring your company to a higher level by identifying and tackling opportunities. Invest in the most promising optimizations to stay ahead of your competition.