Oracle E-Business Suite

Enshore is market leader in the field of Oracle E-Business Suite Application (ERP) support in the Netherlands. More than twenty-six organizations have already chosen for our support on a National and International level.

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Do you work with the Oracle E-business Suite?

Enshore is in Nederland marktleider op het gebied van Oracle E-Business Suite Applications (ERP) support. Bij meer dan 26 organisaties verzorgen wij zowel nationaal als internationaal het support van de Oracle E-Business Suite. Dit zijn organisaties met een grootte tussen de 200 en 10.000 medewerkers. Onze klanten zijn actief in diverse markten waaronder transport en logistiek, farmacie, groothandel, discrete productie, gezondheidszorg (ziekenhuizen), financiële dienstverlening en publieke instituten (provincies, gemeenten, rijksoverheid).

Proactive advice

The Oracle E-Business Suite team consists of a healthy mix of business and technical knowledge. The team is trained in thinking outside the box and advising user organizations. The Oracle E-Business Suite team has deep knowledge of diverse E-Business Suite modules, such as:

  • Oracle Self-Service Human Recourses (SSHR)
  • Oracle General Ledger
  • Oracle Work in Process
  • Oracle I-Procurement
  • Oracle Inventory Management
  • Oracle Advanced Collections
  • Oracle I-Expense
  • Oracle Order Management

Waar wij voor zorgen

Always up to date

  • De inrichting van Oracle EBS sluit optimaal aan bij de bestaande processen binnen uw organisatie.
  • No delay in testing and implementing newer versions.
  • Maximizing the use of the functionality.

Always available

  • The same contact person who helps your organization.
  • Flexibele Oracle EBS kennis op afroep.

Flexible capacity

  • Zoomable capacity for project-based changes and innovations.
  • No training costs, no salaried employment and no structural obligations.

Competitive price

  • Great support does not have to be expensive. From the start of its ten-year existence, Enshore has proved that it can be different. The business model of Enshore revolves around professionals who take responsibility for their own work without middle management, which leads to continuity, less overhead and low costs.

How do we work? 

We offer our services in the form of Use it, Control it Optimize it  for Oracle E-Business Suite.

Use it

Full control over your business processes. For a fixed monthly fee, Enshore offers training, 24/7 coaching & support and Active Incident Reduction and 25% less disruptions.

Control it

Is your enterprise technology always secured and up-to-date? With the Enshore continuity plan, we take this completely off your hands. From application updates to legislative changes, all external changes are tested and adjustments are made where necessary.

Optimize it

Get the most out of your enterprise technology. Together we bring your company to a higher level by identifying and tackling opportunities. Invest in the most promising optimizations to stay ahead of your competition.

Do you want to be unburdend completely?

For this, Enshore and MCX set up the Dutch ERP (Private) Cloud.



Duijvelaar Pompen

For Duijvelaar Pompen (DP-Pumps), we ensure the optimization & digitization of business processes. Over the past five years, we have taken care of vertical integration from the workfloor to the ledger.

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